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Book: Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2nd edition, was co-authored by Berni Curwen, Stephen Palmer and Peter Ruddell. The book is published by Sage Publications. 


This timely new edition describes how to use cognitive behaviour therapy successfully with clients in a brief, time-limited way.After reading this book therapists will be able to provide effective help to clients suffering from a wide range of disorders, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress, or those who are suicidal. Following an explanation of brief therapy and the theory behind cognitive behaviour therapy, the authors outline strategies for helping clients overcome unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns though all stages of counselling. Using illustrative case material throughout, the updated book includes:

  • extra practical material for the client and therapist to use during the counselling process

  • a brand new chapter on brief CBT in groupwork

  • expansion of discussion on counselling suicidal clients within a brief CBT framework.

All three authors are accredited CBT therapists. Both Peter and Stephen are Directors at the Centre for Stress Management. Further information from the Sage website.



This new edition to the book provides a significant contribution to supporting those in the caring professions to nurture and develop those in need. 

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

University of Manchester and former President of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Highly readable and with a welcome focus on psycho-education, the themes and principles in this gem of a book are as relevant to the coach and the enquiring client as they are to the CBT therapist. 

Professor Mary Watts
Emeritus Professor of Psychology - City, University of London

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