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Using self-acceptance techniques to tackle self-esteem issues in the coaching context: a cognitive behavioural approach

Recently there has been a growing interest in self-acceptance in contrast to self-esteem. Often in coaching or counselling enhancing self-esteem can sometimes lead to future problems when the person fails to achieve or maintain their life goals. Whereas enhanced self-acceptance does not depend upon achievement or other attributes.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to practise using self-acceptance techniques in pair work or triads. The approach is based on the published works of Lazarus, Ellis, Dryden, Wilding and Palmer. The workshop is r
ecognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology as providing CPD/CPE for its Members.

• To provide an introduction to the application of self-acceptance techniques within coaching context to tackle problems relating to self-esteem

This skills based workshop will help participants to:

  • briefly consider the concept of self-esteem from the client's or coachee’s perspective

  • consider the ups and downs of self-esteem

  • understand the hierarchical organisation of thinking from a cognitive behavioural perspective and the link with self-downing beliefs and esteem

  • consider the advantages and disadvantages of enhancing self-esteem in traditional the Western manner – the self-esteem myth

  • understand the link between perfectionism, procrastination and the lack of self-acceptance

  • become knowledgeable about self- and other-acceptance as an alternative concept to the traditional self-esteem concept

  • understand the significance of the illogical Part – Whole Error and the alternative option

  • practise the ABCDEF model of coaching in relation to enhancing self-acceptance using 5 column acceptance coaching worksheets

  • practise a range of creative self-acceptance enhancing techniques that can be used within coaching and group settings including the Big I little i technique and rational tennis

  • understand the nature of self-acceptance beliefs and the 10 Steps to self-acceptance

Trainer: Prof Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol

Stephen's co-authored books on self-esteem include: Zero to hero (with Wilding), Beat self-esteem with CBT (with Wilding) and Boost your self-esteem (with Wilding).




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