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Why train at the Faculty for CB & REBT and Centre for Stress Management?


  1.  The Centre for Stress Management was established in 1987. The staff have many years experience of organising and running Cognitive-behavioural and Rational Emotive Behavioural training programmes. They have published articles, chapters and books in this field.

  2. Increase your knowledge and skills in stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behavioural therapy and multimodal therapy

  3. If already qualified as a psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist or health professional, integrate cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behavioural therapy or multimodal therapy into your skill set

  4. Trainers at the Centre for Stress Management and Faculty of Cognitive Behavioural & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy are on the the CBT Register UK and/or are Chartered Psychologists. They have all published widely in academic and practitioner journals.

  5. All extended courses at the Centre and Faculty are modular and can be undertaken over a 3  to 18 month period

  6. Courses can be run in-house

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