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Enhancing Resilience: A Cognitive Behavioural Approach

Since the credit crunch a decade ago, enhancing employee resilience is becoming increasing popular. This skills based workshop will consider the resilience construct and will identify the characteristic strengths associated with resilience. This workshop includes the ABCDEF cognitive behavioural framework for eliciting Resilience Undermining Thoughts (RUTs) and developing Resilience Enhancing Thoughts (RETs).

This workshop will also provide skills practice for practitioners who want to integrate Cognitive Behavioural theory and techniques within their practice. Pre-workshop reading will be emailed as a PDF.

The workshop is recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology as providing CPD/CPE for its Members.

• To become knowledgeable about enhancing resilience

This skills based workshop will help participants to:

• Become knowledgeable about what is resilience
• Identify the characteristic strengths associated with resilience
• Understand the three C’s of Hardiness
• Understand the cognitive behavioural coaching approach and its application to enhancing resilience related cognitions, behaviours and emotion
• Understand and elicit Resilience Undermining Thoughts (RUTs) and thinking errors
• Develop Resilience Enhancing Thoughts (RETs)
• Practise the ABCDEF cognitive behavioural model and techniques in relation to enhancing resilience in work or personal domains using the 5 column RET coaching worksheets
• Use imagery techniques to enhance resilience
• Create a Resilience Development Plan

Trainer: Prof Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol

Stephen has co-authored/edited books and written many articles on stress management and enhancing resilience.




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