Training leading to membership of the International Stress Management Association (UK)

International Stress Management Association (ISMA)  

Professional Level Membership

Successful completion of our popular Primary Certificate in Stress Management course fulfills the training component for Professional Level Membership of ISMA UK. Applicants to the Association will also be required to demonstrate other qualifying criteria including two years’ experience, ongoing CPD, compliance with ISMA UK’s code of conduct, professional insurance. Two references are required and a fee is payable.

Benefits include:

•    ISMA UK Membership Certificate
•    Use of ISMA UK Professional Member logo
•    Designation of MISMA after name
•    Daily access to the ‘ISMA UK Stress & Wellbeing News Daily’ [Digital]
•    Access to a professional journal ‘The International Journal of Stress Prevention & Wellbeing’ [Digital]
•    Free listing on ISMA UK register of Practitioners with backlink to website
•    Free listing of books in our on-line library
•    Full access to resources on website via Member’s area
•    Discounted annual conference tickets and other events during the year
•    Eligible to participate in International Stress Awareness Day and use of the INSAD logo
•    Referral opportunities from the media
•    Professional peer networking
•    Full voting rights


For further details see: 


ISMA guidelines for obtaining foundation practice certificate including Qualifying Member Criteria:


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